A Necessary Caution With an Abrupt Goodbye


On Friday, March 13, Fordham University announced that it has made the difficult decision to suspend face-to-face instruction for the rest of the spring semester. This decision comes out of an abundance of caution in the midst of the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak facing the United States. 

The panic, confusion and precaution are far from limited to our community: cancellations of everything from Broadway shows to professional sports seasons make it hard to avoid the situation’s bleak reality.

We understand and support the university for making the best decision for the health and safety of the Fordham community. 

That being said, missing the rest of the spring semester brings a feeling of loss for many students. For the Class of 2020, Friday’s decision hits particularly hard the final two months of their college career are unfortunately being taken away. 

Decisions regarding University Commencement and other significant events are expected to be announced by Wednesday, April 8. We cannot predict what the future may hold, as this situation has proven to evolve quicker than we had imagined. We hope the seniors will be able to have their commencement as planned. 

However, many treasured Fordham events will be missed this semester, including Campus Activities Board (CAB)’s Spring Weekend. Many student organizations, like The Fordham Ram, are struggling with the fact that they can no longer meet in person. Events that have been in the planning process for months are now canceled. Student athletes, whose seasons are now over, were unaware that they were playing their last game before the announcement.

It is only natural to wonder what could have been, should the decision have been different. What relationships would have bloomed, what memories would have been made or what traditions will be missed. 

We at The Fordham Ram hope that the community does not get lost in what could have been, though we understand it is hard not to dwell. While there is no way to regain the time that will be lost, we hope that everyone continues to cherish and remember the important memories that have made Fordham a home for each and every one of us.

Given such a chaotic state of the world, with so many unknowns, it is incredibly difficult to be away from the community that has given us such comfort and strength. We encourage everyone at home to reach out to their friends and loved ones, to remind them how much we appreciate their presence in our lives. 

As we lose the last two months of the semester, we realize just how many of the smallest moments at Fordham meant so much to us. From late-night conversations about the impossibilities of the future, to lazy days in the sun on Eddie’s, to the bumpiest of Ram Van rides. At The Fordham Ram, we will particularly miss the 2 a.m. walks out of McGinley B-52 after production night, and the debates over em dashes versus en dashes or the perilous Oxford comma.

Each moment that we took for granted, we now realize we are immensely grateful for. 

Of course, for those of us who will be returning in the fall, we will probably remember the shortcomings and difficulties of the Fordham experience quickly after our return. Though roommate disagreements, frustrating professors and expensive Metro-North tickets will continue to haunt us, we hope that the excitement of the return lasts a bit longer than it has in the past. 

To the Classes of 2021, 2022 and 2023, we look forward to making more memories on campus with a newfound appreciation. 

To the Class of 2020, we congratulate you immensely on your achievements thus far, and hope that this year, despite its shortened length, was still as special as any other year. 

We will continue to produce content on our website for the remainder of the semester. Though we are disappointed that we will be unable to publish our work in print, we will keep the Fordham community informed to the best of our ability, even if that has to be from our respective homes.